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Many of the women and children here at the Dülmen women's and children's shelter come out of long-standing violent relationships. More often than not, to protect themselves against physical injury and to protect their health and their lives, they are not able to take the most important documents (such as passport or health insurance card) or a change of clothes or even the favourite toys for the children, with them. These women and children are not only the victim of "domestic violence", but they are also highly traumatised.

Many women, as a result of violence, have lost their entire livelihood. The shelter employees support the victims in regaining their independence and in recuperating their health by offering recreational-pedagogic activities to the women and children. And even the mediation of psychologists, to help process the experiences of exposure to violence, as well as the procurement of household effects for a new home of their own, contribute towards improving the living situation of the women and the children.