Communication, cooperation and networking

The employees of the women's and children's shelter co-operate with various special and counselling services. They are committed, amongst others, to various work groups and to the "Round Table for the Fight Against Violence Against Girls and Women" in the district of Coesfeld. The aim of the co-operation with other social facilities and committees at regional and pan-regional level is to optimise the help and support measures available for the women and children exposed to violence. The victims are supported and encouraged to develop new life opportunities.

A further vital focal point of the shelter's public relations are:

  • to publicise the institutions as an option of protection and accommodation in society
  • to dismantle prejudices against mistreated women and children
  • the sensitise the community for the topic of violence against women and children
  • to uncover and articulate violent structures within society

To implement the above focal points, public relations carry out information and special events on the topic of "domestic violence" in co-operation with the local press.